Zawgyi font without Root to do Myanmar font at Samsung

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I am going to introduce this application of Myanmar font for android smartphone which font is to have been used at your smartphone without Root. And how to zawgyi locale at Display font. USB Debugging with android smartphone which application at your android smartphone.
How to do let's me example it.

The firstly, Locale join with android version about 6 and 7
The secondly, You must go to Display font  for android version 2.3 and 6
The finaly, You will see about English US you must do it at your android smartphone.

You can use easy without Root access at your android smartphone thus I would like to remind you must do what i am talking state by state PN TTA Font , TTA SAM 6.0.1 , Z1 Thus I would like to say The Tool of Developer about SAMSUNG AIO Font Changer at your Myanmar.


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