Dhamma Application Myanmar Version for Myanmar People.

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After you are thinking to download Dhamma Application and install app to your using android smartphone, effect of reason which is going to use. All of application which are nicely information Dhamma Application. If you are one Of Myanmar in Buddhist people who must downloading one application of effect reason. The result of app in this application , i am so happy to download my website. if you have to say anything, you can comment at my website under comment box. IF you have some problem to download it, please say me how to download letter! I would better to say you How to download one application.

I am going to introduce this application. It is to use Buddhist people who are paying to Buddha thus the payer must know them. Which would like to have been used you can let. If you would like to use one of all application at this post. For example, 36 Mingarla Application, you must download one to install it and you are going to use it to pay Buddha. But ,in this all applications are for Myanmar people because all of app are Myanmar Version for audio thus i would like to remind you who must be Myanmar People as one. Anyway, If you are going to download this application, you must "download" when you are choosing from it.

1. Konawin Application
2. 36 Mingarla application
3. Dhama Hive Application
4. Khanzati Application
5. Paddaccathimupada Application
6. 24 Pacca Application
7. Dhammapada application
8. Phipartharmartha application
9. Buddhism the reason application
10. Khinponkyisaypar application
11. Dhamma chawine application
12. Dhammalatchone application
13. Parrata 11 voice application
14. Matta Voice application


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