Myanmar English Book having downloaded at your learning English.

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For your Learning English in your daily life. This is the best one of All from English. So I hope you would really like it and learn English from the lyrics. My intention to translate this song is to give you knowledge of English vocabulary and how you should understand English from the song. That is the key point. You joined the most well-known English class and get lectures from the best teacher and you are still feeling like you are not developing in listening, speaking and understanding of what others say.

This English learning note to improve your English skill, it is functioning Basic English Grammar of Sentence Elements. If you are studying English, you need to know this. I know learning English which has many rules, exceptions, different accents, different words for different English speaking countries. So just what is the best way of learning English? Thus I post this basic to learn English.
You can learn two books from this post. about A basic English Grammar with answers Part 1 ant part 2 for your leaning Thus I would like to say you who will be happy to learn English in my website. If you have some thing, you can say me anytime. If i have free time, you will reply with message. 


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