Lock Pattern how to unlock for android application

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This is the best application for you who will make lock and unlock so, how to know it. If you are using and android device then most problem you can use pattern lock for lock screen or app lock screen. But time it is easy to open, because we draw easy patterns. In this post i will show you how to do it. So, You must download this application for your lock screen if you are the best one of doing lock screen. Option is turn off. Because if it turn on then when you draw your pattern to unlock your device other people see the pattern path, but if it turn off then the path is invisible.

This will present a handful of options:

None: No lock screen security at all.

Swipe: Not really secure at all, this option unlocks the device just by swiping on the lock screen.

Pattern: Unlocks the device by using a specific swipe pattern along a series of nine dots.

PIN: Personal Identification Number. You know, like the one you have for your debit card. But don’t use the same one, please.

Password: Not your Google password, mind you, but one specific to the lock screen. This is the most cumbersome way to unlock your device.

Tap the one you want to use and go through the prompts to set it up.


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