Translation application for android phone new version

♠ Posted by English Learning Group in at 12:25:00 PM
This application which is making who are learning English and Myanmar Language about Translation at your daily, you can not translate some words thus you must use this application at your daily about translate thus I would like to remind for you must translate you are going to download this application. Because this application is supporting Myanmar Zawgyi and Unicode both of them you can use this application. So, use your camera for instant text translation, get text translations without a data at this application. The most nicely at this application, who are learning English Language thus they are translation with this application. If you would like to download this application as your translation you must download this application and then you are going to install to your using phone.

 Thus who are going to use this application with install to your using android phone if then you must be happy to use for your using this application. I would like to remind who are leaning English who must be installing it to your using phone. Thanks


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