downloading file application for Android Phone about manager

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This is the best one of file manager which is simple application but it is a big manager on your android phone. Because it is making inside and outside some materialist, you will make them on your android phone with this application. Main operations on managing file on your using android phone, which is giving extracting and renaming and whatever you can make it. If you would explore internal of the device, and if you're power device rooted, you can make changes to system data with this application. thus It is also possible to select all files in a folder, or clear selection.

If you would like to use this application on your android phone and Tablet, it is management to be the best of all for your android phone. If you're standard user, you may choose to hide internal memory from view and be sure not to mess with system. You can comfortably see contents of mass memories on your device, or possibly attached USB memory stick. If you would like to use this application, you must download this application to install it to your android phone. I would like to say who is the best developer this application.



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