Basic Korean Application new version

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This is a basic Korean Application new version with Myanmar Language and Korean Language thus I would like to remind whose learner about Korean language thus you must this application in daily life. This app has a basic Korean writing and speaking thus who is the first learn Korean language this application is supporting to you who will be communication with Korean Speaking. Thus i recommend you with the using of this application to supporting of you. The first practice with app your lesson with app thus this application is improving.

This application is supporting your Koran speaking in daily. Learns who are interesting Korean language are the best one of all language to communicate with it. The firstly, you must interest to learn it. The secondly,  that app is opened on your holding phone which must be Android device. The thirdly, after you have finished this application on your holding phone, you must install to your android this application and then you can learn Korean language with this application. I hope you will be the best one of them to speak that language.



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