Myanmar Application to show Yangon how to go

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I am going to introduce this application for you who are how to go in Yangon which is one of Myanmar capital. This application is developed for Myanmar Drivers how to go Yangon aera which is the big area thus some developer was drawing this application as Map to go. This application is not only to how to go but also how to talk bus in Yangon thus Who are living in Yangon, I would like to remind to use this application to go to easy there. After you have been living in Yangon where have a lot of city to say and go thus you must keep and install this application.

Therefore you are deciding to live in Yangon, the Advantage of this application is the best one of all to have been gone. If you are using it, you don't have to go as difficult however the importantly is to use this application for going to surrounding in Yangon. Because the valve of this application is to go to any environmental with explaining of map. 



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