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     This is simple article to learn specially people different who are speaking to each other. You want to keep everything in good Conversation, this is really important before there are being explained as one by one, you have been looking some vocabulary as you were really impressed by something, you can tough, just very nice beauty which is nice. The spelling is so difficult of what you are learning as correctly, here to read one of article. 
    The Countries are experimenting their special kinds of Education including Myanmar for Youngest People who are living far from the cities which meaning living of their city. Their Presents support Education but most of students are interesting about special kinds of rural Education is very great for their living's future. Thus they are need for special kinds of rural Education in countries that have large areas where only a few people live. 
    Therefore they focus to do their living. But they don't know anything about the beautiful things which they passed every day. One day, they knew only a few kinds of trees, the kinds of wood that they cut for firewood. After they sell them, they will get money to live as happily. Win Hlaing was 14 years old, but he had never seen a school of any kind until to arrive his school, very poor. When he arrive his school, he listened eagerly as Maung Thar Aye tried to tell him about the size of world. Win Hlaing said, I remember how i used to feel when my mother asked me to go and get the cow. It seemed like a long job. I thought it was too much work. But now, before I know it, I'm wondering about the clouds. I am looking at rocks, or the trees. Before i know it the job is finished and it didn't seem like work at all. 


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