Downloading Myanmar Keyboard for android

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Myanmar keyboard will make you to write text in Myanmar directly in your apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Emails easily and faster used.
Myanmar keyboard is a best app to download for every user and give us best review and rating for this amazing app of Myanmar keyboard.
Thank you for your download this app

Enable Myanmar Keyboard with single touch on "Enable Myanmar Keyboard" button.
2. Touch on Myanmar Keyboard text for enable Myanmar keyboard.
3. Switch Myanmar Keyboard option available and go to Change Input Language with Myanmar Keyboard.
4. You can get all the features of Myanmar Keyboard with one touch.
5. Images apply for set your Myanmar keyboard with customize theme with various options.
6. Customize Theme provides facility of Keyboard Transparency, Background Color, Font Color, Font Apply in Myanmar keyboard.
7. Image facility provides users to customize themes with options of portrait and landscape mode of Myanmar keyboard.
8. Font Style available in Myanmar input language with display font style in customize themes.
9. Background Color set in type button bg color with all color options.
10. Font Color provides facility to set color in font of Myanmar keyboard input.
11. Themes apply with main 8 different amazing theme style with beautiful background images.
12. You can select any of them and it is automatically apply in Myanmar Keyboard theme with its background and font style.
13. Font apply to set font style in Myanmar keyboard theme font with 10 font style options.
14. Setting Facility give you more option for set Myanmar keyboard very effectively.
15. General setting provides user to set Auto Capitalization, Vibrate on keypress, Suggestion on keypress using single check button with on off facility.
16. Display stetting provides user to set Portrait Key Height, Landscape Key Height, Suggestion Text Size using Scaling option.

17. Font setting provides user to set Key Text Color, Preview Text Color with best options.
18. Sound setting provides user to set sound on keypress with check button press facility.


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