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           I love reading because it gives me general knowledge as well as pleasure. I read as many books as i can in my free time. When it is summer holidays i read short stories, novels and magazines. During the school year i study my textbooks. Among the textbooks for standard Ten, I like my English Textbook best. It is a newly prescribed textbook for Standard Ten at the start of the 2015-2016 School year.
            This English textbook is an anthology of selected writings. It contains fifteen pieces of writings for Reading comprehension passages and seven poems. These writings are selected from various English Teaching books. Some pieces of writings are based on science and technology. " The calendar", "The Moon", " A Nice Place to Visit?" and Clocks through time" are of popular science. "Robots" is of technology. "Sleep and Dreams" and Looking Good" are of social psychology. "Mosquito: Getting to know Your Enemy" is of medical science. " Self-service and Supermarkets" and Advertisements: the Pros and Cons" are of consumerism. Travel in southeast Asia" is of Tourism. Biospheres is Space" is of environmental issue. As for Pleasure of reading it contains three pieces fiction a short story, a biographical sketch and a folktale. Dreams Do Come True" is a short story. " Helen Keller" is a biographical sketch and "Too Much Knowledge Makah Fools" is a Myanmar Folktale.
           The new English Textbook is modern as it consists of contemporary texts. The Language in the text is plain and direct and the information is useful. I gain general knowledge about the world by reading most of these writings. I know about the tourist attractions of ASEAN countries through "Travel in Southeast Asia. I enjoy reading " Dreams Do Come True", Helen Keller, "Too much Knowledge Maketh Fools" and Poems. Thanks to " Biospheres in Space". I realize why we should protect our earth I like my English Textbook so much that I read it again and again. I have decided to keep the textbook forever though I have passed the matriculation examination. interesting



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