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      If you know absolutely nothing about grammar, the task of beginning to understand how it works can seem very daunting indeed. Fortunately it is very rare for a person to know absolutely noting about Grammar, even if you feel that this is true in your own case. For a start you have an excellent grasp of how the language works-otherwise you wouldn't be able to read this article. In addition, you almost certainly have heard of a number of basic grammatical terms such as sentence and Verb. You may not feel entirely confident to explain what they mean, but you have heard of them and will have a general idea of what they mean.
     So, very few peoploe start from absolute zero. Nevertheless grammar can seem daunting. A Major part of the problem is that there's so much of it, and it all seems to be going on at the same time. You begin by trying to understand, for example, what a clause is and before you can turn round, you're being asked to grapple with "Subject", Finite verb" and Object". You start looking at " subject" and have to content with "noun" and pronoun and noun Phrase". Then Suaddenly, you are dragged kicking and screaming into learning about headwords' and pre-modification" At least, that what it feels like.
    As far as possible the approach in this part of the Article is to take things slowly, one step at a time. You will still find that at times you are being asked to accept grammatical terms that you don't completely understand and that cannot be explained fully until later. This in necessary, because inserting too many quick explanations not only breaks the flow of the main argument, but can also be misleading. If you oversimplify things you sometimes just get them wrong.

One of the thing that makes grammar seem complicated is that is operated on a number of different levels, and all are relevant at the same time. Take this sentence, for example:
The children watched a television programme while their mother made the tea.


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