How to write "The International Calendar" essay

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          The Purpose of a calendar is to reckon time in advance, to show how many days have to elapse until a certain event take place harvest, a religious festival, or whatever. Ancient Egyptians made a calendar to count days, weeks and months. But it was not scientific. So many years later, Julius Caesar in Rome fixed the calendar by adding an extra day every four years. However, Julius Caesar's calendar was faster than the sun. The earliest calendars naturally were crude. moreover, they must have been strongly influenced by the geographical location of the people who made them. Thus, Pope Gregory VII made a better plan for the calendar.
           The Gregorian calendar is the calendar we use now. It is based on Julius Caesar's Calendar. Pope Gregory VII wanted to make Julius Caesar's calendar right as it was twelve minutes faster than sun year. Later, Scientists tried one way after another. Finally, they decided to continue to have every fourth year as a leap year. They pharmed to take out three days every four years. In the Gregorian Calendar, there are seven days in a week, four weeks in a month and twelve months in a year. A year ending is 00 which can be divided evenly by 400 is a leap year. It was not quite exact, it is 26 seconds fast each year by sun time. However, it was accepted because it will not fast by a whole day for at least 3000 years. It is called the Gregorian Calendar in honor of Pope Gregory.           The Gregorian Calendar, admittedly, keeps the calendar dates in reasonable unison with astronomical events. But is still is full of minor annoyances. Moreover, we need calendar every year to look up dates. In my opinion, an ideal calendar is one that we can memorize for one year and that is valid for all other years, too. But, up to now no one has attempted successfully at calendar reform.
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