How to study Sentences and Clauses

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In this Article you can read about these Topics.
  1.     Types of clause 
                  - Declarative
                  - Interrogative
                  - Exclamative
     2. Clause Components.
   3. Clause Patterns
                 - Subject+verb
                 -Subject + Verb + Object
                 -Subject + Verb + Complement
                     The purpose of the This Article is to provide a brief introduction to how clauses work. This will then be covered in far greater detail in the succeeding this article. It is only an introduction, so if you find that you can't grasp it all at once, there's no need to worry. Learning about grammar is like an ascending spiral: each topic has to be revisited several times, and each time you revisit one your understanding grows.

Types of clause
Most of the time the form of a clause varies according to the communicative purpose it serves, as it illustrated in the following like this...
In the table the four types are listed in order of frequency: statements are the most common, followed by questions, and so on, Each types of clasue has typical structure, which is described below.


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