Grammatical levels Sentence, clause, Phrase, word and Morpheme

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*The face that the sentence breaks down into two sections, each of which is like a mini-setence on its own.
The children watched a television programme their mother make the tea.
* The idea that within these two bits some of the words seem to stand on their own:
* While others seem to group naturally together:
 their mother
*At the other end of the scale you might ask yourself. " Why does the word "watched" come from "wathc " just by adding "ed" whicle " make" turns into made " rather than maked"?
These are all different topics from the same sentence, they are different, but clearly interrelated. This is because they work at different levels. In fact grammar has 5 levels>
$ Sentence
   The Children watched television while their mother made the tea.
$ Clause
   The children watched television
$ Phrase
   The children
$ Word
$ Morpheme



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