Dialogue using (3)

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Dialogue using (3) Situation about Working.
A: Jerry, are you taking economics this term?
B: Yes, I have Dr. Jones as my instructor.
A: How is he as lecuturer?
B: He's O.K, but a little boring.
A: How are his exams?
B: They're a piece of cake.
A: Did you take the driver's test?
B: Yes, it was easy.
A: What do you mean?
B: It was so simple a child could have passed it.
A: Really? I had heard that was hard.
B: No, it was a snap.
A: Was the English Examination hard?
B: It's a cinch.
A: Is it difficult to learn to play checkers?
B: No, even a child could do it.
A: Did you have any problem repairing the car?
B: No, it was simple.
A: Did you finish your chemistry assignment?
B: I'm working on it.
A: Class starts in twenty minutes.
B: I know.
A: Do you think you can finish it?
B: I can finish if you quit bothering me.


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