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      Time is the passing of all the days, months and years, taken as a whole. A day is divided into four periods morning, afternoon, evening and night. Of these periods I think the best time of the day is dawn or daybreak. It is the beginning of the day.
       At dawn the sky is slightly red with the glow from the sun. Soon it turns white as the sun rises. Dawn is the most beautiful time of the day. As most of the world is sleeping, the neighborhood is quiet. The air is pleasant and cool. It refreshes the mind and body of a person. At dawn most workers, street hawkers, street hawkers and monks wake up to do their respective work. Workers go to their workplace, street hawkers prepare to sell their things and monks worship the Lord Buddha and have their. Birds wake up and twitter. Diligent people get up early as the early bird catches the worm        I usually go for a walk at dawn because the environment is not so crowded as the other parts of the day. I walk slowly and enjoy the beauty of dawn. Sometimes I think deeply on something as I walk. It gives me a pleasure to go for a walk at dawn. Every day, the earth begins anew. Dawn is the symbol of newness and youthful energy. I hope I live long to welcome many dawns. Credit: Textual Essays and related titles.


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