nice player free beautiful music player for Android

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download Who are using to Listen to tracks in formats without quality loss, which your default music player couldn’t play before. Our application has it’s own audio engine. In this android application has many format  Popular music format playback Listen to songs in more than 20 popular formats. You don’t need to pull out your phone from your pocket. It’s a great way to use NRG Player for sport. To switch on this feature open  (Settings -> Controls -> Volume buttons). Open media library by tapping on ADD button in the left bottom corner. Find your favorite directory, album or artist and tap on small play triangle button on the left side of the list item. Return to the main screen. Now you can swipe to the right or to the left on the playback queue to switch. Don’t worry about sleeping with player on. It’s turn off automatically by sleep timer. To open sleep timer tap on (Settings -> Controls -> Sleep timer). Thank you for your using it


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