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Most useful English Dialogue and Phrases

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How’s work going?
How are you doing?
What’s up?
Hurry up!
Sorry, I am late.
How are you /today? I am good/ fine. And you?
Where are you now?
My daughter is here, but other people are in America.
It is not supposed to rain today.
Maybe, she is on the bus now.
I am in the kitchen.
When is your birthday?
What time is it?
What is your religion?
Where is bathroom?
Where is she from?
Where is closest restaurant/pharmacy?
Where is the book? The book is on the table/ under the table?
In front of the table. /Behind the table. Over there/
What’s the matter?
What’s wrong with you?
What happened?
What’s the name of your company?
What is your hobby?
What is your favorite movie?
Who is your favorite actor?
What is your favorite food?
Which one is better?
How far is it to Chicago?
Who is calling?
Who’s that?
Who is that man over there?
What time is check out?/ check in.
What’s that?
How much is it? How much all together?
My house is closed to the bank / near the bank.
Your things are all here.
It is very cold/ hot outside.
It is very expensive./ cheap.
Is there a night club in town?
Is there a store near here?
Is there any cinema nearby?
There is a restaurant over there, but I don’t think it is very good.
There are some apples in the refrigerator/ fridge.
I am getting ready to go out.
I am getting tired.
It is getting dark.
I am getting late.
I am getting hungry.
Are you free tonight?
Are you hungry?
Are you sure?/ I am not sure.
I am not sure yet.
I am not hungry yet.
I am not sure yet.
I am not ready yet.
I am sorry, we are sold out.
I am thirsty. Can I get a glass of water?
I am very busy. I don’t have time now
I am really fed up with you; you are always picking on me.
I am not like you.
I am almost broke.
(I am) glad to hear it
Glad to see you.
Nice to meet you
Are you still busy?
Are you still in Yangon?
Are you single or married?
I am single.
Are you here alone?
You are right.
He’s very annoying.
H’s very famous.
Are you okay?
Are you okay there?
Are you okay everything with you?
Are you ready?/ I am not ready yet.
I am very eager to speak English.
I am eagerly waiting to dance and eat nicely on your weeding.
It is very difficult for me
I am not very good at using computer.
I am not very good at play guitar.
I am not very good at cooking.
Is there air conditioning in your room?
Are you waiting for someone?
I ate already.
Have you had dinner?
Not yet!
Where have you been?
How long have you been waiting here?
How long have you been in Myanmar? /Here
How long have you been studying English?
How long have you lived here?
How long have worked there?
I have heard Ngapali is a beautiful beach.
Have you done your homework?
Have you seen her before?
He’s already gone.
Have you ever been to Japan?
Has your brother been to Yangon?
This is the first time I have been here.
I have been here for two times.
I have been here for two days.
I have never seen that before.
I have already mentioned.
Have you eaten at that restaurant?
Have you had dinner? ( Not yet!)
I haven’t finished eating.
Have you finished studying?
Have you arrived?
My watch has been stolen.
Have you ever had potato soap?
Anything else?
Do you have any ideas?
Any question?
Do you think it is possible?
You have very good accent.
Any question?
Any problems?
Anybody at home?
Anybody here?
Are they the same?
Are you afraid of snake?
Yes, I am very afraid of snake
Are you comfortable?
She is pretty. He is very handsome guy.
 She is an expert.
I am very nervous to speak in front of people.
I am responsible for my family.
Are you going to attend their weeding?
What are you doing recently?
What are you going to do tonight?
When are you coming back?
What are they arriving?
What we expected is….but what we got is…
I am going to the market.
Are you going to take a plane or train?
Are you coming this evening?
Are you working tomorrow?
What? It is freezing outside.
Are you here along?
Be careful driving!
Be honest!
Be happy!
Be quiet.
Don’t be noisy!
Don’t be lazy!
Please silence your mobile.
Can you translate this for me?
Can you open the door?
Can you speak anything other languages?
Can you speak Thai?
Can you call me back later?
Can you carry this for me?
Can you speak louder please?
Where can I exchange U.S. dollars?
Where can I buy tickets?
Where can I find a hospital?
How can get to the post office?
Go straight/ turn left/ turn right.
A little bit.
Chicago is very different from Boston.
Don’t worry!
I am worried about you.
Not need to worry about me.
Everyone knows it.
Nobody knows.
No one is perfect.
Nothing is impossible.
Everyone needs to study English.
Everything is ready.
Do you like it?
Do you like spicy food?
Do you like your boss?
He likes it very much.
I like watching movies.
I don’t like him.
I like to watch movies.
I like play football.
What kind of music do you like?
He likes orange juice, but she doesn’t like milk.
He’s coming soon.
Are you working tomorrow?
Why are you laughing?
I am leaving soon.
I am going now.
Where are you going?
What are you going to have?
What are you waiting here?
I am going to bed now.
I am just looking.
 I’m coming to pick you up.
I am cleaning my room.
John is going on vacation tomorrow.
How long are you going to stay in New York?
What time do you usually get up?
I usually get up at 7o’ clock.
Sometime, I go to be at 9, sometime at 10.
Can you hear me?
I can’t hear you.
I don’t know how to use it.
I don’t understand what you mean.
 What do you want?
I don’t want that one.
I don’t want to bother you.
He wants to know when you are coming.
What do you want to be in the future?
Where do you want go after class?
I want to be an educated person.
I want to give you a gift.
I’d like to rent a car.
How do you feel now?
I feel very excited.
I feel very nervous.
I feel good.
I have a headache./ stomachache/ toothache/ backche.
I hope you and your wife have a nice trip.
I lost my watch./my keys.
I can’t find my keys.
I can speak English very well.
Can I see your passport please?
Can I use your phone?
I can’t stand.
I can’t stand hot weather.
I can’t stand his mother.
I can’t stand people interrupting all the time.
I can’t stand waiting long time here.
I can’t stop laughing.
Can I borrow your dictionary? Could  I..
Can I have a receipt please?
Can we have a menu please?
Can I try it on?
Can we sit over there?
Can I sit here?
Can you speak more slowly?
Can you please say that again?
Can you show me?
Can I help you?
Can you help me?
Can you recommend a good restaurant?
Can you swim?
Excuse me, can you repeat that?
How can I help you, sir?
May I help you?
I need to go home.
I’m ready; I just need to put my shoes on.
I need to change my cloths.
I need some tissues.
I need to go to work
I need your help.
I need to get up early morning.
I think I need to see a doctor.
I think it tastes good.
I think she is playing with her friends.
I think it is very good.
I think the cloths are cheaper.
I was about to leave the restaurant when my friends arrived.
I’d like to go for walk.
I would like to go home.
I’d like to go shopping.
I’d like a room with two beds.
I’d like a table near the window.
I would like to recommend.
I would like to drink a cup of coffee.
Would u like something to eat?
What would you like to drink?
Would you like coffee or milk?
Would you like some wine?
Where would you like to meet?
If you need my help, please let me know.
I will be right back.
I will see you after class/before dinner/ after 2 am.
I will call you when I leave.
I will let you know when I arrive there.
I will call you back.
I will come back later.
I will tell him you called.
I’ll pay.  I’ll take it. I will take that one also.
I will come to see you tomorrow.
I will pay for the ticket.
I will let you slap me.
I will be right there to help you, I am almost done.
Come on, we will be late.
 I will teach you how to cook spicy foods.
I will have a cup of tea please.
I will have a glass of water please.
I will take you to the bus stop.
It will be cold this evening.
He will be back in 30 minutes
They will be right back.
We will have two glasses of water please.
I will be waiting for you
How long will it take?
How long will you be staying here?
What are you thinking about?
What are you two talking about?
Let me see.
Let me check.
Let me know your name?
Let her go.
Let them go.
Let’s go to the cinema.
Let’s practice English together.
Let’s meet in from of hotel.
Let’s take break 5 minutes.
Shall we go to the cinema?
May I speak to Mr. Smith please?
Sorry to bother you.
I am really sorry for that.
I apologize for my mistake.
I beg you if I make mistake
Thank you Sir/miss. Madam
Thank you so/ very much.
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for your help.
Thanks a lot.
Thanks for remind me.
I really appreciate for that.
That looks great.
You look very handsome today.
She looks very beautiful today.
You look very busy today.
You look very happy today.
You look like your mother.
I look forward to hearing something from you.
What are you looking for?
Who are you looking for?
I am looking for me keys
Look at me/ your book.
That’s alright.
That’s fine.
That’s it.
That’s not fair.
That’s right. That’s too bad.
That car is similar to my car.
Just a moment/ wait a moment/ wait a second
This is very important for you.
I would like to speak Mr Smith.
Would you leave a message please? He is in…
Have a good/ nice trip!
Have a sweet dream
Have a nice journey.
Please call me back when you arrive home.
Do you know how to play guitar?
I want you to come and pick me up.
How was the movie?
I have a question/ I want to ask you a question.
I wish I had one.
I’d like make a phone call.
I’d like to make a reservation.
Do you feel better now?
I have to wash my cloths.
I still have a lot to do.
I have pain in my arm.
Sorry, we don’t have any vacancies?
Do you have an appointment?
Do you have another one?
Do you know where bus stop/ post offices?
Do you know how to spell that?
I don’t understand what you are saying.
Do you know where I can get a taxi around here?
Do you know each other?
Do you have a reservation?
Do you want to come with me?
Do you want to go abroad?
Do you want to with me?
What do you want?
I only want a snack.
What do people usually do in summer in Lose Angeles?
What time does the  movie start?
I don’t feel very well today.
How often do you study English?
How long does it take by car?
How many hours do you work in a week?
When does the bank open?
When does the plane arrive?
When does the bus leave? (at 10 pm
What time do usually go to work every day?
It takes 3 hours.
Do you know what this mean?
Do you believe that?
Do you smoke?
Do you play football?
Do you mind me?
I don’t mind.
 I do believe you.
I don’t trust you.
Don’t do like this.
Don’t say like that!
I don’t think so.
I don’t care.
I don’t care who you are.
This doesn’t work.
Don’t give up without trying.
I don’t care whoever you are.
Sorry, we don’t accept credit card.
What do you do? Where do you work?
I think you have a lot of money.
What do you mean?
What do you say?
How do you know?
How many languages do you speak?
I speak three languages.
How do get there?
How do I get to the American center?
I usually drink a cup of coffee at breakfast.
That smells bad.
Is this pen yours?
Is it yours?  Nope, it is not mine.
One ticket to New York please.
Why not?
What about you?
How about you?
How about Sunday?
How about your friends?
What is your opinion?/ in my opinion.
Good idea/ excellent.
Do you have any coffee?
Do you have any siblings?
I don’t have any girlfriend.
I don’t have much money.
Do you have enough money?
He has a sense of humor.
Please come in. please come here, sit down
Please take off your shoes.
Please pass me the sault.
Please take me to the airport.
Everybody, Please stand up.
Stay away from me.
Bring me the shirt please.
Close your eyes, close your book
Open your eyes
Take it easy!
Take it outside!
Guess what it is.
Tell me about you.
Stop eyeballing my man!
Please open the door.
Did you come with your family?
Did you have a nice holiday?
Did you get my email?
Did you take medicine?
Did you do your homework?
What did you do last night?
Where were you last night?
Were you at party last night?
Where did you go yesterday/last week?
What time did you wake up this morning?
What did you buy?
I bought a shirt yesterday.
My grandmother passed away last year.
When I went to the store, they didn’t have any apple.
I forgot to lock the door.
It rained very hard today.
It was raining very heavily yesterday.
It was raining the whole day yesterday.
You should see the doctor.
You should take medicine.
You should study English regularly.
You should look after your sister.
What should wear?
What should I do?
The food was very delicious.
You can eat Italian foods or chinless foods
Which one do you prefer?
Which one do you want?
Which one is cheaper?
Which one is the best?
 If you like it, I can buy more.
If you have enough money what will you do?
I am just kidding ( just kidding)
No joking
I am just teasing you.
It depends on weather.
It depends on you.
It is up to you.
One way or round trip?
Here it is. / Here you are!
As soon as possible.
As much as I can
As you like.
Two days ago./Long time ago.
Long time no see.
See you later/ see you soon/ tomorrow.
That’s enough.
I am trying to get a job.
I am trying to go abroad.
I am trying to speak English.
I am trying to be an engineer.
I was trying to explain about this case.
I am trying to eat healthy food.

Verbs and Transportation
catch a bus/train – “I am going to catch a bus to work today”
drive a car – “I am going to drive my car to the service station”
ride a bike/motorbike – “I am going to ride my bike to the shops”
get a plane/taxi – “I am going to get a plane to London”
take/ bus/ taxi. Boat.

                       Phrasal Verbs
To get on a bus/bicycle/motorbike/train - "Are you going to get on this bus or the next one?"
To get off a bus/bicycle/motorbike/train - "We will be getting off the train at the next stop"
To wait for the bus/train/taxi - "I have been waiting for the bus for 40 minutes, I hope it comes soon!"
To get in the car/taxi - "Watch you don't bump your head as you get in the taxi"
To get out of the car/taxi - "You will need to get out of the car, there are too many people in it

 Conversation Questions
What forms of transportation do you use?
Which transportation do you prefer – air, sea or road?
Which form of transportation do you think is the safest? (train, bus, car, plane, bicycle, motorbike, boat, foot)
What do you think of the transportation in other countries?
Are you happy with the public transport system in your country?
What type of transport do you think we will see in the future?
What’s your favorite method of transportation?
What do you think is the most dangerous form of transportation? Why?
Do you often use public transportation?
At what age can a person obtain a driver's license in your country?
Do you drive a car often?
What is your favorite kind of car? Why?
What do you think about electric cars? Do you think all cars will be electric in the future?
Can you ride a motorcycle?
Do you think a motorcycle rider should be required to wear a helmet?
Do you like riding a bicycle?
Have you ever missed your last train or bus home?
What do you usually do to keep yourself entertained when riding a train or bus?
Do you sometimes take a taxi (cab)?
Do you like traveling by airplane?
Would you like to go on a cruise? Why or why not?
Is there any environmentally-friendly transportation in your area?

To improve Our Market Research some

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People want to feel like they are making a difference in the world. People who are following like same ways to develop their talent, will be understanding some point. I am writing it as marketing. We choose to associate with good people in our lives as difference, thus customers like to associate with good companies. They are producing good values for customers. Market research is a very important step for all startup to improve their difference of ways in Research. Thus I have some point to improve Market Research, It is .. 
Where are these customers?
How many customers are there?
What do they require from your product?
How you intend to reach them?

Because You are understanding your the difference of your produces in your location. If you are following your produce in your social, you don't have benefit. Because the benefit for Social, it has 5 benefits to build as social.
1. Choose a meaningful cause.
2. Create an authentic socially responsible mission
3. Ingrain the mission into your Company's produce.
4. Get employee involved and enthused
5. Offer employees time off to Volunteer.

downloading security application for android smartphone

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I would like to introduce this application. It is security application to do your android smartphone. Therefore you are using android smartphone which was being come to control this application thus I would like to remind you. How to control without coming antrives, you are going to use this application. Contingency to create about security of your using smartphone.

 App Locking: retain security and privacy of sensitive content by locking any app with a PIN or touch gesture. Protect your most used apps and make sure nobody else can access them not your child or even an intruder.

Remove ads: eliminate ads from your Avast Antivirus experience. Avast Direct Support: contact Avast directly from the app to receive quick responses to your inquiries.

After you have finished your downloading this application, you are going to install this application for your using of security. Thus i would like to remind you who are going to use this app. Whose are nicely doing security. Application which are nicely phone thus  i would like to say about " Thanks"

Downloading any downloader for smartphone and tablet to use

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This application is to use downloading at your smartphone and tablet which is coming to develop to download music and song. You are going to use and listen music and song MP4 thus Tubemate Downloader which enables you to quickly access, search, share and download Youtube Video anyway.

Because downloading always happens in the background, you can go on watching YouTube, surfing the Internet, tweeting, and listening to your music as you download.

You can choose the quality of video as well as set the location of download, either on SD card or anywhere else. Which makes it easy to manage and sort your downloaded videos.

Therefore you will follow to download how to use this application the first you must download this application, the second you must install this application to use in your smartphone. The third you must  open to use this application on your smartphone thus I would like to remind you who consist to use this application on your smartphone.